2009 New Years resolutions

February 9, 2009

After a couple of years of existential gloom, I seem to have come out the other side in my ability to embrace New Year’s resolutions (a month late, but… uh, I’m on the lunar calendar… yeah, that’s it!). I’m always pleased when I manage to do something life-affirming and forward-looking.

In 2009 I will:

  • Improve my vim skills. I could always use it for little things like checkin comments and config changes; but this year I’ve committed to using it as my main programming editor. And did you know that my posse rides with vim?
  • Build and cook with a solar oven. This is exactly the kind of project that I fail at, because it ends up having a LOT of dependencies that turn into yak-shaving exercises.
  • Continue to slowly divest myself of extraneous possessions, especially books.
  • Complete one major knitting project.

And I think I’ve learned from mistakes of the past because I’m not going to try for too many resolutions this year.

One Response to “2009 New Years resolutions”

  1. George Schlossnagle Says:

    I’d personally say that instead of cooking with a solar oven, you should try some sort of extremely low-consumption, highly efficient oven, like a rocket stove (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_stove) or such. When I was in the Peace Corps I had this thing that I think was called a ‘magic oven’ (can’t find it on google), which was basically an open topped torus with an inset tubular pan and a locking cover. That worked really well for cooking (baking!) over very small yield fires. I personally think that these low-consumption technologies are a much more pragmatic solution to sustainable and healthy developing world kitchen technologies.

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