Connie Converse is a rock star

April 28, 2009

When Tim was 11 years old, his aunt Connie — a talented but unknown singer-songwriter — packed up her old VW Bug and drove off into oblivion, never to be heard from again. 35 years later, in quasi-miraculous fashion, her first album has been released due to the long-time devotion of two 80-year-old men and the energetic work of two new 20-something fans who happened to be in the music business.

Listen to the hour-long NPR feature on Connie (I take back every mean thing I’ve ever said about public radio) and read the SF Chronicle’s feature story (which uncharacteristically does not suck).

I’m SO thrilled for Tim and especially his father Philip, who at age 80 finally gets to discharge his duty as Connie’s artistic executor in the most lovely, serendipitous way possible.

2 Responses to “Connie Converse is a rock star”

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