What you really wanted to know about brain aneurysms but were afraid to ask

There’s a lot of actual scientific info out there about hemorrhagic strokes for anyone with a working web browser; but based on a sample of my acquaintance, the stuff that everyone REALLY wants to know goes unasked and even more unanswered online. So here’s the straight dope on brain bleeds from one exceptionally stupid but unbelievably lucky survivor.

Does a subarachnoid hemorrhage hurt?

Maybe an 8 on a scale of 1 – 10, right behind the eyes. (I’m not saying 10 on principle to give myself some headroom; and I’ve only had a 9 “hope to die” pain once in my life, this wasn’t it.)

In the months before the aneurysm burst though, I had a long series of almost continuous bad headaches — which may or may not have been connected to the event! — and in hindsight I wonder if perhaps this oddly enough helped me because I was so used to stabbing pain in the headmeats. I think if you suddenly and without any warning experienced pain like that, most people would be flooded with adrenaline and stress hormones that would make a brain bleed much worse; but I was pretty calm (and exceptionally stupid, let me reiterate) about the whole thing.

When did you know you’d had a brain aneurysm?

Not till two and a half days later, in the ER. l thought I had super bad food poisoning for the first couple days, and just did what anyone would do in that case: laid in bed trying to drink water and take aspirin (which luckily I puked right up, cause aspirin thins the blood and thus is one of the worst things you can do for any kind of hemorrhage… although puking isn’t so wonderful in these cases either).

In hindsight it occurs to me that perhaps my dreamy two-day slide in and out of consciousness alone was, you know, not a sign of high intelligence. So here’s my public service announcement, kids: if you EVER pass out suddenly, go straight to the ER and get checked out instead of laying in bed trying to nibble saltines!

Did they vacuum up the blood in your brain during surgery?

Do people think they have tiny little shopvacs for brains or what? My aneurysm was on a bifurcation point of the middle cerebral artery, which you can find on this picture — pretty deep in there, right? — and the blood (a couple Tablespoons worth) had spread out pretty good by the time they operated. The brain is as soft as tofu and all convoluted, not suitable for vacuuming.

Does brain surgery hurt?

Not at all. The part that hurt the most was having a big-ass catheter called a central line inserted into an artery in my neck by someone who had never done it before.

Do you set off the metal detector at the airport?

Nope. I have two clips in my head (aneurysm burst twice), and I think maybe some screws from the craniotomy… but they’re tiny and made out of titanium, so I’ve never had a problem.

Did you think you could die?

Never occurred to me that I would not get 100% better. The rule of thumb seems to me that the higher your odds of going out, the less they mention it to you. So if your doctor is telling you that your cholesterol is a little elevated and you could die… the risk is purely theoretical. But if everyone is super cheerful and keeps assuring you that everything will be OK, you might want to make sure your will is up to date. I had no real idea of the odds until 2 weeks after my surgery when I finally spoke to the lead neurosurgeon.

Did you see god or get religion?

Nope, although I really wanted to. In fact one of my relatives came to pray over me and declared in prayer that I had promised to become a Christian if I got better — I did no such thing, I can assure you — and I almost blurted out, “You think your god doesn’t know you’re lying?” The closest I got to a Higher Power was lying there in the hospital for a week with nothing but science and the love of others to sustain me.

Do you have a bad-ass scar?

Yes but it doesn’t photograph well because it’s pale and about an inch back from my hairline. Ask me in person and I’ll show it to you.

How much does brain surgery cost?

$300,000 mΓ‘s o menos. Did I mention I was unemployed and had no health insurance when all this went down? I avoided bankruptcy almost entirely due to the charity of Stanford Hospitals — in addition to avoiding actual death and disability by their hard work.

Have you had any personality or sensory changes?

I might not be the best judge of this one, but I think not. Certainly I seem to have avoided the “gross neural deficit” that afflicts 35% of aneurysm patients.

Did you do something that made an aneurysm happen? Did you have any warning? Did you do anything that improved your outcome? Are you likely to have another one? Does it count as a pre-existing condition?

Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, and don’t know. I was quite amazed at how little they know about the whole thing… but part of it unfortunately is that so few hemorrhagic stroke sufferers seem to make a full recovery. Plus you can’t efficiently screen people for aneurysms before they burst… so the only way you can find out is the hard way.

Have your priorities in life changed? Are you less prone to do startups for instance?

Ummmm… that’s probably a whole separate blog post.

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  1. wow. that is scary. i went through a similar situation in october. I felt a shooting pain behind my right eye. As if a pin were pushing the eyeball outside of the socket. I was watching a ravens football game and their jerseys were purple out of the leftt eye, navy out of the right. I took tylenol and upped the ante to alleve. next morning, i was blind in one eye only. I was blind. scary as heck. i went to the hospital and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after CAT scan, 2 MRI, and a SPINAL TAP (yeah tell your tour budy ADAM I took it to 11!) doctors call this optical neuritis-as if a blood vessel burst in my eyeball. like a stroke in my eye. I can see clearly now but I was pumped full of steroids. i was also unemployed and no insurance. I feel your pain and admire your courage. the thought of someone sawing open my skull to operate is terrifying. but what other options are there?

  2. Great story. Mine is alittle different. I woke up from a dead sleep puking. I wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep, but somehow I knew I had better not. I was a little confused. I took a quick shower because I knew I would not have another chance for a long time. I told my mom what was going, wrapped only in a towel. She and my sister got me in a robe, got me in the car, and that was when the pain hit me. I passed out thank God! It was great pain a 10 of 10. It came and went and so did I. I was told in a lucid moment that I was having a brain anurysm and they would take care of me. It is 2 years later. I havent worked. I have applied for social securty. Denied twice so far. I am starting to get worried because I don’t think I can hold a job. what about you do you work?

    Your new friend,

  3. Hey Pat, so sorry to hear about your story. You were SO SMART to take a shower, that’s definitely something no one tells you πŸ™‚ — that you won’t be washing your hair for weeks.

    Have you had a lot of lingering effects from the aneurysm?

  4. My anuerysms were a little different (I had a triple bleeder)although anytime you bleed on the brain is the same death can come quick and for some such as myself won’t come at all, whew. I was on the computer and everything went black i could still hear but couldn’t see, the pain was a 10 a migraine from hell. I had a cold and thought maybe i coughed a little too hard,I passed out and hit something on the way to the floor, next i knew i was in the hospital the next day had i waited any longer i wouldn’t be here telling you my story. As my ears rang like xmas bells,so i decided to go to the hospital the pain was unbearable. I spent 13 days in the hospital, and have yet to get my bill which i am hoping will be given the charity treatment as well. The only real symptoms are the odd headaches that seem to just come on at will. I hope this can help someone ease their mind for me they wanted me awake but the pain was to great for me to be awake while they operated, so they knocked me out. whew! My behavior didn’t change but my sense of hearing became ultra sensitive the slamming of the fridge door can give me a headache, but hey I’m here!
    God Bless you all!

    1. Yes you are and I am sure God has a plan for you so stay faithful and God will continue to lead the way for you. Stay focused on taking care of yourself and God will do the rest – praying for you – Lil

      1. Oh yes. God knows all. I trust Him. I’ve had one rupture 2014 and just had another one inruptured Monday last week. 2 cranys for 6 Annie’s. they couldn’t take the last two out I hopefully it doesn’t get bigger I’m going on my strictest fitness and non-Smoking Rd., God gave me the biggest favor ever. God peace be with this all. πŸ™ πŸ’ͺ🐣

  5. I don’t look in on you via the cyber world much, but, hey, thanks for posting, and glad you’re not dead.



  6. I had same experince on Sep 8 2011 i woke up with the side of my head feeling like it was blowing out . I felt like my ear was blowing out I was babysitting my granddaughter..I got her downstairs and i remember sitting on the couch praying to God to help me take care of her. Why I didnt call for help I dont know guess i wasnt thinking straight. This happened on Tuesday I really dont remember much rest of week I know I babysitted on Thu dont know how but I did on Friday when i was walking my legs would fall out from under me did this all day Friday and Sat finally my son saw me fall down on Sat and said mom u r going to hospital. They did ct scan and said i had a brain tumor. Did tests on me till wed and operated on my brain turns out i had a brain bleed..Did I think about dying no never one time did i think i was going to die. I guess u just r not thinking like u r suppose to. I am doing good now I have trouble with vision got new glasses and they have helped some but I still cannot see like i use to. and i have alot of trouble remembering things that happened yesterday I can talk all day about things that happened 30 years ago but not yesteray. I really worry about it happening again because mine was from uncontroled blood pressure and i still have alot of trouble with it and have for about 3 years. I guess i just have to wait and see I seem to not to be able to find answer on what the chances r on having another one.

  7. Just found out yesterday that I have a aneurysm on top of a brain tumor that is due to be taken out in Jan. I was also diagnosed with a rare disease called “Moyamoya” back in 03 and have already had 2 brain surgeries for that! But to be honest this aneurysm coiling scares me the most for some reason. Blood pressure has always been excellant but I’m scared to death, is this normal?

    1. You have had 2 brain surgeries and now you are afraid of aneurysm coiling!! What you have already gone through is far more fearful than the coiling. I’ve had the coiling. Don’t be afraid of that. I’m still alive and kicking.

  8. Hi Tresa, of course it’s normal to be afraid of having brain aneurysms! Plus everything happening before that… your brain probably doesn’t seem like a very safe place to you right now. Best of luck to you…

    1. Thank you so much troutgirl! Surgery is scheduled for the 14th of Dec. I found out today. So I’m happy that it’s soon and I’m ready to get it over with and move on with the rest of my life :).

  9. Can anyone tell me if the pain is one-sided or both??? Did you have any strange head pains (dull aches) before this??? Please help… I’m scared…

  10. My dad got a brain aneurysm on Thursday and died the same evening. We were all there which helped with the grieving process. What sucks is not so much that he died so quickly, but that we all wonder where his soul is right now. I don’t know if he is in heaven or suffering all alone begging for water. How will I ever be comforted?

  11. I had a brain aneurysm in the night before thanksgiving 2010. At first I heard a clicking sound in the right side of my head, then the pain came. I threw up when I came out of my room. I thought I got food posining but it turned out I had a brain aneurysm. I was in a coma for a month and woke up confused. It was now 2011. I went to theraphy and got out of the hospital in January 28 2011. Today people ask me how did this experince feel like, I respond” It felt like $hit”

    1. Hi,

      I was wondering if you are /were paralysed on either one side of your body after the aneurysm? My husband had one 6 weeks ago. And his left side is paralysed still (arm and leg) He went to rehab today though. Oh also the right side of his face is drooping. I pray that he will get much better though.

      1. Hey Jean, a hemorrhagic stroke can cause an ischemic stroke, which is the likely cause of the paralysis. He had a double-whammy, it does happen pretty frequently… but if he is alive and moving, you can recover.

    1. My mother-in-law is in the hospital right now because of a blood vessel burst in her head the doctor said the vein that was damage was the one that controls your breathing you’re moving and right now she has not woken up yet i want to thank u guys for sharing your stories and by you writing what you experience and knowing that you still here to talk about it gives me even more faith thank you for helping me be able to stay strong please pray for me and my family as we still are going down this journey.

  12. I am a 50 yr old lady that has had numerous surgery.But aside from a shot of some medical mixture injected into the back of my head about 15 yrs ago by a Dr.trying to remedy my long ago migraines,I have. never had any other procedures performed on my head.I am currently laying in a pitch black room fighting a MAJOR headache that just hit me outta nowhere.My first thought was, could this be it? Could this be how its guna finally end.Thats How Much Pain I am in Right Now. Not sure if I should just ride it out or have it checked out.?Dont want to leave dark quiet room tho.

  13. do anyone know of anybody about those who cant get brain surgery… not trying to be negative or scare anyone…i just wanted to find hope for my sister in law.. she has brain aneurysm and pretty much will have to wait till it burst and pass away… haven’t found a testimony of someone who survived passed their time etc… and couldn’t get surgery but have hope 😦 trying to find a story or testimony that person is still living but havent found one yet…if you find one or know someone please send an email to gizmo21663@yahoo.com 😦 please…

  14. My mom suffered an aneurysm when I was 8. Her Dr. Knew she was suffering from migraines and passing out. Exploratory surgery in the 70’s for the soft spot in her skull that was painful to touch. I am now 42 and I experience migraines and passing out. I didnt go to ER…I will be heading to Dr.s tomarrow and I will be requesting a CT scan.

  15. @ Heidi – Request an MRA – It looks at the blood vessels. That’s what diagnosed my aneurysm. I had coiling done within the week and I haven’t had any problems since. That was two years ago. Good luck hon.

  16. Another survivor, here.
    Everything you say here is true. But that’s putting it mildly!
    You ought’a hear my loud bitching about our shared experience:


  17. Hi ther,wow!just looking reading about your ordeal,makes me even more positive becouse my mother is going through what you went through…here’s the story-she collapsed and likely got help quickly,she was then rushed to hospital and Doctors took CTI/citi scans becomes she was complainig about having a terrible headache,my mother had no high blood pressure,cholestrol whatsoever,nor a a stroke,never had any symptoms.The doctors got the result back and saw that she had aneurosym(a vein had a clot and bursted she has a bleeding on top of the skull)shes know lying in hospital still havin bad severe headache pains,because the doctors say they can’t do anythng at the moment prior to the brain being swallen,so we stil waiting to hear from them,whats bound to happen to my Mother,all we doing know is Trusting in the Lord!because i hear this condition is very serious and one can either die,loose memory/be on a wheel chair,but i have faith in the Lord,my mother will recover well and come back home to us.reading this story made me realise that my mother can gett well to,because she’s responding well and we are positve and cheerful about this and around her.whoever is goin to read this,please pray for my mother!*sad soul* South Africa

  18. Wow humerous ! Just survived one too and sounds exactly like i felt except i am Christian and God was there.

  19. Thank you for sharing your experience, last year an MRI revealed an AVM in my brain, been trying to find a Dr to remove it, no insurance either, applying for Disability so far no luck. I have stabbing pain in left eye over a year now, some days worse than others. Migraines are now daily. I have had micro bleeds but was curious how a big bleed felt.

  20. I’m not sure if I have anything wrong with me, but I hit my head a year or so ago. I have had sudden mood changes since then, and I’ve had trouble sleeping. I stay up all night to research, but I find nothing. I have huge panic attacks at night where my heart pounds, I have diarrhea, and I twitch all over. I have a big vain pounding just above my right eye, and have trouble looking at bright lights without having bad migraines. It’s simply terrible! I’m tired of not finding info, and not being able to sleep at night. Can you help? My parents won’t take me seriously because they think I’m trying to stay awake.

  21. Sounds alot like my story. Except my doc said it was probably brought on either by hitting my head on the steering wheel in a car accident 6 weeks prior, or my using meth, or a combo of the two. I had “weird” headaches for about 2 weeks before I passed out while on the toilet. (that was fun) – I thought I would be ok, even though my husband wanted to take me to ER, I was on drugs and had no insurance, so I said no. About an hour later I was still nauseous and lethargic so he brought me in, and I really don’t remember much until I woke up 2 days later after getting it clipped. I had a berry aneurysm, and it was near or on the optical nerve for my left eye. They clipped it, but 3 1/2 years later and my left eye still just kind of looks off to the left, and I can see out of it, but its a weird, Blair Witch kind of vision that I can’t use. I also spent most of my 15 days in the ICU picking at my staples. So about 6 weeks after my being released I had to go in for another surgery to close the half dollar sized hole I had picked into my scalp. They took out the pins that were holding my skull flap on, since they had been exposed to air and were no longer sterile.. unfortunately I didn’t quit the drugs just yet (I started back up about 2 month after brain surgery) so I picked ANOTHER hole in the same place. 3 months after the 2nd surgery, they went back in again to close the hole and they took out the skull piece that had been removed in the FIRST surgery because they thought it might be infected. 7 months later I FINALLY got clean, and I’m doing well now. Just the dent in my head and the funny eye to remind me why I don’t want to do drugs anymore. I will have 2 years, 6 months clean on 9/26!

    Oh, and my bill was $499,999.35. Thanks Santa Clara Valley Medical Center! Love you guys! πŸ™‚

  22. I have a friend that is brain dead from an aneurysm but being kept alive until her baby is born. Very sad. I was reading what I can to see if there is ever a miracle in this kind of instance but it appears not. Glad you never lost your sense of humour after such a horrifying time, made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  23. Hi!

    Day 11 since a double aneurysm blow. Two brain surgeries, day 1&3. The last was open brain surgery. I had a SAH, and am still dealing with vasospasm. I’m absolutely blown, heh pun intended, to have found your post. Thank you. I’m not sure when I get to go out pd the hospital yet, but they are assembling a special team as they have diagnosed me with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type iv, VEDS. The worst kind. The one piece of information told to me is I will have more groups of aneurysms, and they will blow together again. They will be monitoring me frequently to grab them before they rupture.. fingers crossed for us all. It’s nice to find non-scientific.. personal experiences. Thank you. πŸ’š

  24. Thank you for sharing. My mother and grandmother both suffered for brain aneurysms, never recovered 100%, barely 60%. I know that aneurysms are hereditary and honestly, I’m scared as shit of having one. I have a history of migraines and sometimes stay up all night (anxiety attacks, vomiting etc) I hate this feeling and it doesn’t help with my other health issues (hypertension, AFIB, asthma). I’ve been to so many doctors and they all say that I’m ok, scans and test come back fine but I definitely don’t feel fine…I don’t even know what “fine” feels like anymore :/

  25. Was happy to find this post! Just found out by accident that I am the proud owner of an as yet un-ruptured aneurysm. Will be checked every six months for any sign of bleed or growth in which case they will operate. Now that I think of it though, they were very cheerful and I have yet to make my will!!!

  26. I had an AVM in march of 2010. Went over a week with it going on, not technically an aneurysm but it was still bleeding on the brain and it had created 3×3 cm spot above my cerebellum. My symptoms were nausea, puking and trouble walking. I went so long while enduring these fairly devastating symptoms because student health told me it was an inner ear infection.

    Anyway, they removed the faulty vein, vacuumed out the blood and sent me on my way. Was in the hospital for 5 days, other than a large scar on the back of my head, would have no idea how close I came to dying.

    1. Earlier today I felt a pop in the back of my head immediately after it felt like a bubble traveled up the back of my head. It was very painful at first but worse than the pain is the dizziness. I’m so dizzy and it’s just getting worse. It’s been hours and my head feels heavy also my words aren’t coming out right. Does this sound similar to your experience? I have trouble walking.

  27. Wow Mike, you were incredibly lucky!!! I have friends who had AVMs and even with prompt medical attention had quite severe neurological deficits. Didn’t it hurt? Did you pass out at all?

  28. I too, had a brain aneurysm rupture. It happened January 6th of this year. I was hospitalized for over a month. It was without warning. I was on my hands and knees cleaning my kitchen floor, and stood up fast. BAM ! – Immediately dizzy, and the WORST headache of my life ! I said ” something’s wrong.aCall 911 please !” He stayed on the phone with them and all I remember is thinking I wasn’t going to be alive by the time they arrived. I kept saying “tell them to hurry !!!” They were there within a couple minutes. Ias the blood in my brain had nowhere to go, it pressed on my spine, paralyzing my upper body. This was temporary though. One of the paramedics recognized what was wrong. He said I was having a stroke. It was a stroke- caused by the brain bleeding. They moved me to the ambulance outside where I spent 45 mins or so getting stabilized. I was then took to the nearest hospital, St.Vincent’s in Toledo…which by the way was wonderful to me. I IMMEDIATELY went to surgery from the ER, Where a Doctor Lin put in a coil. I was heavily medicated following surgery, which put me in a sort of coma state for the next 2 weeks. Then I was transferred to St. Charles hospital to begin intensive rehab. They were wonderful there too. I had all the best care possible from the paramedics who reached me first, and recognized what was wrong, to the best surgeons, and physical therapists. I learned after all was said and done just how vital it was the speed in which I was treated. Every SECOND counts, in not only identifying, the aneurysm, but getting to surgery. I have no damage, as some stroke\ aneurysm patients do, and thank God (for all the professionals around me) I am back to my old self. 40 percent of ruptured aneurysms don’t even make it to the hospital. A much lesser number than that, I am sure, make it through this without some type of damage, be it speach impediments, paralysis, or other things… I am and will always be forever grateful to God, for putting the professionals who treated me , in my path. I would love to hear other survivors stories. Add me as a friend to your Facebook. I am under Barb Palmer Morris.

  29. My brother due almost two years now…he join the army and after training… he call my mom and told her he got headache.. my mom told him to take aspirin but die later in his sleep…just want an answer that’s all…miss my brother but God knows

  30. I am looking for an answer to a question I can’t seem to find an answer too, and I do not want to go tothe doctor!!
    I’ve had an aneurysm clipped March 2014, there were complications and I had to have to bone flap removed and 4 months ago I had a plate put in…. Will I ever be able to take asprin or motrin again I get bad headaches and am told to take tlenol, and of course my klonopin. Asprin was my headache medication before this.
    Can that have anything to do with me having the aneurysm? Will it cause another one? I am so tired all the time I just can’t seem to get on line and FOCUS on a search.
    I am hoping someone who has had this experiance can help me out! Thank you! You have no idea how much it means to me when I find a place like this.

  31. Hi Tonia, I’m not sure why they told you not to take aspirin right after your surgery but I had a craniotomy too and I take aspirin without problems. I believe it’s because aspirin thins the blood and they wanted your surgical wounds to clot properly. However that should only be an issue for maybe a week or so… after almost a year and a half I think you’re good.

  32. Hi: I had brain anyersum 4yr ago, which my surgery said there was complicatation! Found out I know have 2 claps and had stroke. I had very few headache, but after surgery, headache everyday ( now called cluster headache) nerves damage. Eyesite blurry, jaw sore ( now no disk in jaw) I can go on. But my surgery Dr Michael chow. Wash his hand from me after surgery telling me he washes his hands. He did his part. I’ve seen glen rose hospital all they said his I’m depressed, trying to explain the pain I’m going through the all they say is I’m depressed. Cause when I try telling them I cry. I’m so tiered of talking to doctors, except Dr Knash which has been helping me with my pain. I’m so upset with most of the doctor they can’t put it on paper and straighten it out.
    Sorry for venting; just want answers; all I hear is you are alive.

  33. Does the brain aneurysm be the cause of having personality change? I had ruptured aneurysm march 28,2015.Im 15 yrs old. I was taken to emergency hospital. Many of my friends told me that my personality were change. I also felt that i was changed. But I’m just curious if it is the brain aneurysm is the cause of change personality.

  34. I will be as frank as possible. My surgeon told me that if I was fully healed from a medical perspective AND had my same personality, that was a 1% chance. But I was 40 years old! You are so young and in an era of life where your personality might be changing a lot! It is hard to so know what your personality is between age 15 and 21, so it is hard to know if it changed.

  35. I just want to say it is possible to set off metal detectors with a clip and scews because I did it today. I went to to SSA office and forgot that I couldn’t walk through the detector because of it. It went off. The lady officer said, “U have metal up top…” I was like OMG I forgot!! The when she scanned me with the handheld detector I beeped again… I really didn’t thing it would go off! I never went off when I only had the coiling… Crazy!

  36. I had my second brain aneurysm clipped in December, my first was in 2003. First was easy small incision behind my left ear, this one much worse, as it was behind my forehead they had to cut me from ear to ear. Ever since I have daily headache, worse when going to bed as I cant get comfortable, if I could sleep with my head hanging of the bed that would be great. Due back to surgeon in two weeks and dreading what the outcome may be. I will be screened every 3 years to see if another happens. great to hear other peoples stories, My brother was in hospital the same week with an aneurysm too, same floor etc, what are the chances…….

  37. I had a bad brain aneurysm in 2005. I was in the hospital for over 4 months. I was in a comma for about 3 months did not remember who I was or any of my family, I did not know how old I was or where I was born . I have 6 coils and 4 clamps. I also had a stroke and every infection known at the time even yeast in the in the blood stream. I wake up every day and thank God he led the Drs. that saved my life.

  38. My mother suffered a SAH , stroke and severe brain bleed on May 11. She was making great gains in recovery. And now.seens to be having a.set back
    She would talk a bit few.weeks back, But hardly.talks now. My question is, is this normal at this time and will she begin talking again soon,? Thank you for any help or advice to help my family in this difficult time.

  39. I also suffered from a ruptured aneurysm, and now have coils. I was driving, feeling great, then without any warning, it felt like my head popped, ears, sounds all muffled, vision all blurry, sweating..I went to hospital, they took me right in and had to be rushed to surgery. This had all been caused from high blood pressure. It’s been 3 yrs , and the only long term effects i have experienced is my speech sometimes I forget what I am saying mid sentence, I loose all thoughts of the discussion, and it seems to be taking a very long recovery process, enough to make me feel that I may still not be quite ready to go back to work, I stiil tire very easy since, but recently suffered from a blow to the head, had a lump and along with headache, it was causing an ear ache on the same side. I’m scared to go to the hospital to have it checked. Could anyone please tell me if they have had any re-bleeds 3 yrs later from a major blow to the head? Would love to hear your stories…it really makes me feel like I’m actually not alone with this, cause I find it very difficult to talk to my family or my fiancee, cause they just don’t understand what we have been through and are still going through… would love to hear from you all….

    1. Alicia you know you need to go to the hospital to get checked out. :/ I understand that coils do have a pretty high rebleed rate, much higher than clipping, and one of the biggest risks is that they can move a little bit — like if you had another head trauma.

  40. I had brain surgery 34 years ago years ago I have been told not to take aspirin or have an MRI is this still true I do have clamps in my head I had a wall weekend and my brain started slowly leaking I had a headache a severe one and took myself to the hospital and the rest is history

  41. Help im scared too and ever since sleeping in a weird position on my bed, i heard two pops as well like my brain just popped too and ever since then ive been taking ibuprofen but it does not help, ps ive also been to the dr and she said nothing was wrong and i had hoped that it was not meningitis cause its dangerous and really scared still, dont know what to do, i hope its not a bleed in my brain because this is actually scary, i have health insurance too and did not want to risk going to the er but these headaches keep coming back, what do i do, and plz
    Help me and plz answer, thanks and god bless
    You too:)

    1. Hi there,
      I was watching Dr. Neil Martin, chief Neuro surgeon at UCLA. He emphasized Ibuprofen is not recommended for people with unruptured aneurysm. I don’t know what your headache and popping is due to, but be careful of taking Ibuprofen. You also may check YouTube for his lecture. It’s easy to understand public. Hope you feel better and nothing is serious.

  42. Perhaps you are alive because God is patient not wanting anyone to be left out. God loves you so much that he gave His son. I pray you will allow Him into your life.

  43. In 1963 when I was 22 years old and seven and a half months pregnant I had a berry aneurysm on the left carotid artery break in my brain. It was the most pain I have ever had by far. I immediately collapsed screaming and started going in and out of consciousness and also went into contractions. My family was told I would probably lose the baby and die as there was not much they could do back then except wait for you to die. Because of the location of the aneurysm being too close to the pituitary gland it was determined to be inoperable. And being pregnant just made everything even worse and the best they could do was to try to save the baby. But my wonderful innovative smart doctor decided to try experimental surgery and decided to put a clamp on the left carotid artery in my neck tightening it every day for five days until it closed to slow the supply of blood going thru the artery and force the blood to go another direction. It worked. The human body can do miraculous things. I delivered a healthy baby and by the grace of God I had few bad effects from this stroke that I am aware of. Everyone thought I would die young but I am now 77 years old. I am a walking miracle. Of course at age 22 I had no idea how serious this whole situation had been until I realized how many people died from this. I pray this will give all of you affected by stroke hope.

  44. what are u talk8ng about … of course u can screen for an anuryzum … its an mra tgey test the veins and can tell if u have any weak spits or bulging in the veins so i dont know who told u u cant

    1. Sure you can screen people for aneurysms — which is why I said efficiently. Given that only 30k people a year in the US have an aneurysm that bursts, insurance companies aren’t exactly volunteering to pay for MRAs. Also I cannot get them anymore because I have METAL IN MY BRAIN. MRI/MRA uses magnets, which can dislodge the metal and leave you bleeding out.

    1. My point is that cerebral aneurysms are mostly asymptomatic until they burst. So on what grounds do you think most people will get their insurance companies to pay for scans?That is why I used the term EFFICIENTLY.

  45. I had a ruptured aneurysm and brain bleed in June 2017. The surgeon coiled it and other than tiring easier and having headaches more often than I used to, I seem to have completely recovered. Now six months later, I have started having eye twitches in my right eye (the aneurysm was behind that eye) and sometimes I don’t focus like a should when I read. Could those be a result of the aneurysm?

  46. My brain hurts a lot. I’m a 23 year old student and haven’t told anyone i have just had an MRI scan and i know something’s up and find out in less than 10 days. It’s scary but ever since i felt a like ‘blowout-like banging headache’ over 2 months ago I’ve never felt the same; no empathy, no desires, control. I know i feel i changed i feel like everybody else can see right through me (I’ve lost my inhibitions) people i know can tell a difference in me (not a good one) the headaches persist. i hope i can be fixed.

    It’s all the more devastating because i was (on the verge) rekindling with the love of my life and now i don’t ever recognize myself when she calls, i want to be able to be the person she fell in love with, the person i was and want to fight to be so proud to be.

    1. I had headaches for like 3 months straight before my aneurysm burst, but the neurologist would not order an MRI because he believed aneurysms do not cause pain. I also lost the ability to write! I’m so sorry for you Dillon, but the love of your life will wait for you while you heal. You’re not broken.

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